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5 Non-Dinner Ideas to Take to a New Mom

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Bring all the food when a new baby is born. After my babies were born, I found it was hard to pull together breakfast, lunch, and healthy (ish) snacks. Dinner was a tiny bit easier, because my husband was usually home and could help out — or I would just dial my favorite delivery number. While any easy, quick-to-heat meal is appreciated, I thought we could all use a few tips on non-dinner ideas to take to new moms.

Bagels and a tub of cream cheese

This is a no brainer. Bagels and cream cheese are an acceptable meal morning, noon, or night. Bonus points if you individually package a dozen bagels in freezer bags. Double bonus points if you include some thinly sliced cucumbers and a tomato.

Baked ham and cheese party sandwiches

This recipe is ah-maze-ing. I have devoured these sandwiches for brunch, as a snack, and for lunch. It makes a ton (which is awesome for families adding a new baby) and it reheats well. I seriously suggest you make a pan for the new mom and a pan for yourself.

Peanut butter banana muffins

Truthfully, I think muffins are a bit of a pain to make. But these are worth it. The peanut butter gives the muffins some extra oomf (and protein!). I also like adding a cup of chocolate chips to the batter, because chocolate chips. These muffins are obviously perfect for breakfast but also as a quick snack or for a midnight nursing session energy boost. They can also be frozen, so make your new mom a double batch!

While we are on the topic of muffins, I recently found this consolidated muffin list. Muffin-size anything is perfect for new moms who are eating one handed and only have 30 seconds to wolf something down.


There are zillion quiche recipes to Google, but I like a simple bacon and cheese quiche. I exclusively use store-bought pie crusts. My secret is to cover the crust with aluminum foil until the last 20 minutes or so. I cut two-inch strips of foil and line the perimeter of the pie crust, taking care not to touch the uncooked egg. If you also bring a simple tossed salad, you have made a new mom’s lunch (or breakfast or snack)!

Apple pie granola bar bites

Despite the unhealthy-sounding name of these bars, they don’t have any refined sugar, using applesauce and honey instead. They are delicious and packed with protein to help new mama keep her energy up!

Though many of these delicious delights sound like breakfast ideas, all can be enjoyed at any time of the day. And as we know, when there is a new baby in the mix, many “rules” are tossed out the window!

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