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Parenting Perspectives: Choosing a C-Section

Motherhood comes with a host of choices about what is best for you, your family, and your children. We at Boston Moms Blog are a diverse group of moms who want to embrace these choices instead of feeling guilty or judged for them! We are starting our “Parenting Perspectives” series with a look at the heated topic of birth and birth plans. Two or more of our contributors will share their experiences of choosing their particular birth plan.


A C-section was never in the game plan. The thought of surgery scares me, but the thought of the recovery scares me even more. So when I learned that my stubborn Olivia was breech at 28 weeks, I set out on a mission to do everything I could to turn her.

I spent the next 11 weeks seeing my chiropractor several times a week, getting acupuncture, burning mugwort at my feet, playing music to my belly, alternating hot and cold, lying upside down, doing crazy yoga poses, putting peppermint oil on my belly, and doing handstands. I even went to the hospital for an awkward procedure called an ECV. None of it worked. I was basically left with two choices — find a doctor who would deliver a breech baby vaginally, or have a C-section. I opted for the latter.

The thought of trying to deliver a breech baby vaginally honestly scared me. I know it’s doable, but in the end I decided it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to go through the process of trying to deliver her breech, on the off chance (very high off chance) I would end up with a C-section anyway. I did everything I could to avoid it. I was literally doing handstands the day before I was scheduled for surgery, and the morning of the surgery I visited my chiropractor for one last Webster technique in a last-ditch effort to try to turn her. I willed her to turn, and I was convinced she was going to turn when I was on the surgery table and I would be sent home. Didn’t happen.

I didn’t love having a C-section, but I knew it was the right choice. I hated relying on people to lift things. I hated that I couldn’t pick up my son. I hated the itchiness and uncomfortable recovery. Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.


In the end, it wasn’t as awful as I thought. Heading into that operating room was one of the scariest moments of my life, and the whole procedure was a little awkward. Hearing that little scream though? Worth it. Worth it all. Getting those extra days in the hospital to snuggle my little girl? Priceless.

Sometimes things simply don’t happen as we planned. Life throws us curveballs, and we do what we can to deal with them. I believe there are too many unnecessary C-sections performed in our country, but there are times when it’s a must. I did my best, but in the end it was a must. I’ve been judged for not trying harder or for not attempting to deliver her breech. But I know in my heart I did all I could and made the best choice for us. We are so fortunate that C-sections are an option for moms who are unable to deliver vaginally. It was a hard choice, but the right choice.

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