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Post Election :: 7 Things You Can Do Right Now

What a doozy, America. Once you are ready to take action, here are seven things you can do right now, post election.

1. Talk to your kids about kindness

Kindness matters. We are a country made of strong, beautiful, kind people, and we need to show that now. Here are some books that can help teach our children how to do just that.

2. Turn on “Daniel Tiger”

Yes, I said it. We could all learn something from his epic songs. “In some ways we are different, but in so many ways, we are the same.” Sing it, Daniel.


3. Remember words matter

The power of our words is real. As parents, we have the power to teach our children how to be kind, brave, strong, and good to each other. You are your child’s lifelong teacher.


4. Stand against hate, in small and big spaces

There are endless moments to talk about our differences, but to stop and make each moment a teachable moment is hard work. But this is our work as parents. Small kindnesses are one of the best ways to change our world. Stopping bullying in any way you see it can be equally world-changing. Having your child witness it is a bonus point.

5. Teach them history 

Go to the library and check out some books about change makers like Rachel Carson, Amelia Bloomer, Martin Luther King, Jr., and my personal hero, Malala!


6. Show how to handle disappointment

By being resilient, we are going to teach more about grace, kindness, and class than by showing our fear.

7. Organize

Find a passion that matters to you, and get your kids involved. Care about women’s rights, the environment, animal rights, recycling, education, or world hunger? Pick one, start volunteering, and bring the kids with you.


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