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Sometimes, Being a Working Mom Rocks!

I am working mom and am proud of it!

working mom

Last month I posted about the things that suck about being a working mom — all true feelings, but a bit negative. Now I want to share all the reasons why being a working mom is awesome!

Raising a family is expensive, and without a dual income it would be difficult. Couples can work together in a variety of ways to find the right formula to make it happen. Sharing the burden of finances and home life can strengthen your bonds as a couple and as a family. As a new parent I felt disappointed because I wasn’t living up to the expectations I had for myself as a wife and mom. But I got over it. A domestic diva I am not — just ask my husband. I am not a great cook, and if I stay around the house too long I get a little nutty. Splitting home, career, and parenting duties with my husband gives us a chance to create some sort of harmony. It’s messy and not perfect, but no one ever said life would be easy. So what keeps me going on the days when I’m overwhelmed or defeated? My beautiful kids, my supportive husband, and looking at the bright side!

Adult time

My co-workers are working parents, single 20-somethings, married without kids, etc. I spend my days with people from all walks of life, and I love it! I get a chance to just be me — not a mom, not a wife, I’m just Becky. I love working in the city and being around all that energy. My commute also allows me to catch up on reading or to unwind before I come home to my family.

I get ready alone

I wake up early — yuck! But the upside? I’m responsible for showering, dressing, and feeding only myself. I can drink a coffee and make a bagel without tiny fingers finding their way into the sugar bowl or cream cheese. I love those little hands more than life itself, but seriously, those fingers have been in your nose. I saw you — ew.

It helped break me out of the “mom funk”

You can’t live in PJs forever, and for a period of time I loved it and really enjoyed just staying cozy. Until I didn’t. I wanted to get back to wearing make up and getting a little spruced up. Work gives me an opportunity dress up, and it feels good. A confident mom is a happy mom, and when I have a cute dress on I feel great. Bring on the day!

I love my work

I enjoy my work, and I do it well. I feel accomplished when I get through a busy day — it gives me the confidence to be a good mom. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to be busy. Sometimes I pile on a little too much, but I like putting myself out there and pushing the limits — it’s part of the reason I decided to write for this blog! Not to say that I don’t find satisfaction in caring for my kids — of course I do. And with a part-time schedule, I get to do both!

Coming home

My boys have off days — we all do — but for the most part I arrive home to the biggest hugs and happy squeals you could imagine. T-Swift has nothing on me when I walk through that door at the end of the day. I often work late, but for the majority of the time I’m there for bedtime. We have two very different bedtime routines for my two boys. I love to talk about their day, sing their favorite songs, and get them tucked in. Bedtime is a great time to bond, and I cherish those moments.

I get to contribute financially to the family

There are many ways to contribute to the well being of the family, and money happens to be one of them. I work part time, so my contribution isn’t what it used to be. But it feels good help where I can. I don’t have the financial freedom of my pre-kids days, but I have some and I like that.

My boys are happy and well adjusted

The best measure of how my working mother status affects my children is by actually looking at my children. They are happy, goofy, confident, smart, and inquisitive — we must be doing something right!

My kids get quality time with both parents

While I can’t be there to take them to daycare in the morning, it’s OK — they get quality time with Dad! We moms often worry when we can’t be there for our kids, because in the early stages babies are very mom-dependent. But dads are just as important! The boys will be OK if I’m not there for every single moment of their lives, and, frankly, I’m sure they enjoy a break from mom constantly telling them, “No” and, “Stop doing that!” My boys are loved and they know it. Our relationships don’t suffer because I work — I believe they’re strengthened.

What’s your favorite part about being a working mom?

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