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Surviving the Flu with Two Under Two


Last week all sorts of illnesses came bombing through my house. My 2-year-old got a stomach bug, quickly followed by a nasty cough with fluid in her lungs, which required a nebulizer and antibiotics. Next, my 4-month-old caught said cough, complete with a super stuffy nose and seriously watery eyes.

And just when both kids were getting better and I thought I was in the clear — BAM. It hit me. Like a ton of bricks. The flu. Chills, sweats, fever, the whole nine. Ugh.

Good news? We survived. Better news? I’ll tell you how.

Enlist help

This seems like a given, I know. But I’m stubborn and try to do everything solo. I was too sick this time. My parents took care of the kids. My husband was on duty before and after work. I know that many online sitter companies have last-minute sitters if you need someone to watch the kids while you rest.

Get takeout

Your kids will need to eat. And you will, too. Don’t even try to cook. I did once and got dizzy and immediately had to sit down. You can hodge podge a healthy meal of grilled chicken, rice, and veggies at most pizza places. My local joint had chicken soup, too.

Throw rules out the window

Three straight hours of TV? Play-Doh on your bed? Family naps on the couch? Yup, yup, and yup. I’m usually a stickler for structure and routine, but since I could barely breathe out of both nostrils, I let everything slide. And nothing bad came out of it.

Take it easy

Seriously, do it. I’m always on the go. If I’m not working, I’m hanging with the kids, cooking, cleaning, out and about. I’m a busy little bee. I love a clean house and order, but this time I let the dishes and laundry pile up for a week while I slept, relaxed, and cruised around on my phone. I know that’s what helped me get better faster.

I kind of feel like a superhero for surviving the flu with my two under two.

Have you done it before? Any other tips to share?


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