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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Button-GlueingLove is in the air, mamas! While the days of roses and chocolate may be behind us (hopefully not!), it’s a great time of year to spread the love by making crafts with your little ones. Whether these go up on the refrigerator, are given to a teacher, or are sent to family, you and your crew are sure to have a great time creating them! Happy crafting!


Ok, mama — these are definitely going to be the most labor intensive on your part. Your little bundle of joy just ain’t doing much yet, and the extent of the creativity ends at putting paint on your baby’s feet and stamping them onto paper into the shape of a heart. You can totally make all these way cuter by adding bows, using different mediums (canvas, wood, etc.), and playing around with the quotes and script.


Some of these are more time (and mess) intensive, and some are super simple. Your kids will have a great time creating and playing with some of these! A few of these crafts involve small items, so keep in mind those should be closely supervised.


The opportunities are endless once your creative geniuses get a little older. If they’ve seen any fun crafts around they want to do, a quick Google or Pinterest search will point you in the right direction. If you’re fresh out of ideas, here are a few to get the creative juices flowing.

Once the kids are in bed, pour a glass of wine and get your own craft on if you’re not exhausted from round one!

Do you have any favorite crafts that you’ve done with your kids or on your own?



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