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This Year, Resolve to Start a Business (We Promise It’s Not That Scary)

Thank you to Pepperlane for partnering with us and providing an amazing program for women!

It’s January, and everyone is resolving to do something. Get organized. Eat healthier. Budget better. We have a crazy one for you: Why not resolve to start a business?

Let us explain. Starting a business doesn’t have to mean turning your life upside down and raising millions of dollars. Sure, that’s the story we see in the news, but at the end of the day a business is really just a valuable service with paying customers — sometimes one, sometimes one million.

Here are a few tips on how to do it, from Pepperlane, a new online platform with a mission to make it easy for mothers to turn their skills into businesses that let them work flexibly. Hopefully you’ll see that it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Look at your superpower

There’s no debating it: Moms are superheroes! We take on hundreds of different roles all day long, from party planner to financial manager to master organizer. Pick any one of these skills and market yourself as a guru to another family in need. Like Renana, an art history professional and mom who now offers art tours to other families as a way to get new parents out of the house. Or Shawna, who offers quick, healthy tips for families looking to eat better, like pantry updates or simple shopping lists.

If you’re feeling stuck, think about the thing you would most love to have help with, or that you see other busy moms struggling with. Sort laundry, clean out closets, organize after-school schedules. There are so many possibilities!

Put yourself out there

Now that you’ve decided to do this, you have to tell people. Pepperlane makes it really easy to do this, with a simple starter website that can be completed without any tech or design skills (so you don’t have to waste weeks getting familiar with another website tool). Answer a few simple questions about yourself, the service you’re offering, and even fun stuff like your kids, and soon you’ll have a polished-looking online presence that you can start sharing with friends, family, and any moms groups you’re a part of. Odds are, your service will be very appealing to other moms, so ask them to re-share and spread the word in their circles beyond, too.

Find your support system

We said it doesn’t have to be scary. That’s because Pepperlane comes with a supportive crew of women all over the Boston area who are selling their talents, all while still being busy superhero moms. They’ll show you the way, answer questions, and reassure you that your doubts and fears are normal, through the always-on online community and low-key coffee meetups. In no time, you’ll be sharing your own advice and nurturing others along, too.

For now, it’s free to start with Pepperlane, so get going! Here’s to an awesome 2018, business owner!


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