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Commuting Moms :: Get Paid to Drive!

We have partnered with MIT to bring you this great opportunity!

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There is a great opportunity to try out a new car, courtesy of MIT. The MIT AgeLab is running a research study looking at how drivers interact with technologies and behave in vehicles. The study involves being given the chance to drive a new, high-end vehicle for roughly four weeks in place of your own vehicle. While you are using the vehicle, the AgeLab will collect information from the car to better understand the real-world use of advanced vehicle safety and infotainment systems.

Non-monetary compensation includes the use of a vehicle for the duration of participation in the study, coverage of all highway, turnpike, and bridge tolls incurred during the study that are payable through E-ZPass, and a full tank of gas upon receiving the vehicle. You will also be compensated $50 when the final phone interview has been completed. More information about the vehicle study can be found at or by emailing [email protected].

In addition to the vehicle study, the AgeLab has a variety of other opportunities for you to get involved in research to improve the quality of life for people across the lifespan. By registering to volunteer you could participate in short, online surveys or onsite visits at their Cambridge office for short-term studies, which last between an hour and three hours, with compensation ranging from $30 to $150. To learn more about the MIT AgeLab and to sign up to participate in research studies, go to

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