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Keeping Warm with Danish Woolen Delight

Danish Woolen Delight - Boston Moms Blog
In my practice of mothering, I’ve found few things to be as necessary as playing outside every day. The fresh air makes me happier and the physical activity is a non-negotiable for my 3-year-old son. Unless it’s pouring rain or way below freezing, we are outside for part of every day. 

However, the reality of winter in Boston is that the winter will blow (harshly), the temperatures will drop (drastically), and the gray days will (try to) convince you to never leave the cozy nest of your home. Proper layering and clothing is the difference between an enjoyable winter and a miserable, unsafe, cold one. 

Danish Woolen Delight makes some of the best long underwear we’ve ever worn to combat a Boston winter. I love how thin it is, so there’s no complaining about wearing it underneath pants and shirts. Movement is not restricted at all. I’m a big believer in wearing natural fibers whenever possible, and 100% merino wool is amazing — it keeps us toasty warm, it’s breathable, and it wicks away moisture so we don’t have that swampy feeling inside our clothes after an active morning outside. 

Danish Woolen Delight - Boston Moms Blog

We bought my son a scooter recently, and he is obsessed. I didn’t know how to keep his head warm and safe while wearing a helmet, but the double layer balaclava is the perfect solution — head is toasty warm and the helmet fits over. And since scooting everywhere takes twice as long as riding in the stroller (let’s be honest!), it’s wonderful to wear the long underwear underneath our clothes. And with products for babies, toddlers, and adults, the whole family is covered!

Danish Woolen Delight is a family-owned company run by a nurse-midwife/lactation consultant, and they 100% understand the needs of active New England families. We’re so excited to have a found a local source for such amazing products. Here’s to a warm, active winter!

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