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Thank you to Nine Five Ltd. for sponsoring this post and sharing their incredible local mission.

SoWa Open Market is a pretty special place. My family loves exploring the farmers market, buying local goodies, enjoying the food trucks, and shopping through the artists market to find new gifts, things for our home, and fun, local companies. We stumbled upon Nine Five Ltd. a few years ago and fell in love. My hoodie- and hat-loving husband was instantly drawn to the cozy fabrics and the incredible mission behind this company. There was something about their apparel that just felt SO New England — comfortable and outdoorsy, really cute, and lots of great nods to our area, like maps and lobsters.


After browsing through all the great shirts and hats for both men and women, we had a hard time making a choice. Two hats and a sweatshirt later, we walked away feeling good about our purchase, because it wasn’t just apparel. The mission behind the company is about so much more than just selling clothes. First, we learned a little bit more about the company. “Nine five” is pretty self explanatory — a play on the 9-to-5 workday. However, “Ltd.” isn’t for limited, but rather an acronym for the company’s motto, live this day. They believe it is our job to live this day and each day to its fullest. Live each day to do good and be good. Live each day to help others and make tomorrow a better day. All this is built into each piece of apparel and headwear designed by Nine Five Ltd.

By donating 20% of every purchase to a charity with their Put a Lid On campaign, Nine Five Ltd. helps you do good with a simple gesture, and they truly stand behind their motto. They’ve partnered with dozens of charities, both local and national, to give back. You can decide where you would like your donation to go, or they will happily spread it out across the different charities. What a simple way to give back, shop local, be comfortable, and look cute!

Now that we are (maybe) heading into the New England winter we all know and love, both my husband and I have been happily rocking the Mystic beanie. He’s the type who wears hats year round, and I avoid them as much as humanly possible until it becomes inescapable (curly hair problems). With beanie season upon us, the Mystic is cozy and warm, with a vintage feel. It’s just so very New England.

Solomon also received the brand new Jackson, which will probably be his favorite hat all winter long, provided our son doesn’t steal it from him. It’s got that old-school look, with the big pom-pom on top, and it’s chunky, warm, and perfect for those cold New England days. Also, anyone can rock it — it’s the perfect unisex hat!

In addition to generously giving 20% of their proceeds to a variety of charities, Nine Five Ltd. is offering 10% off to all Boston Moms Blog readers! Enter the code BostonMoms at checkout from now until November 23. It’s the perfect time to get ahead on your holiday shopping for anyone on your list!


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