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No Longer Running on Empty

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I am a runner. There is nothing that makes me feel more grounded, more like myself, than popping in my headphones, stepping out onto the pavement, and going. Running regularly is probably the single most important thing I can do for my mental health.

I’m good at making running a priority, and I’m good at training (two half marathons with respectable times, and countless smaller races under my belt). What I’m not as good at is recovery. Taking the time to stretch is a struggle, and remembering to refuel appropriately has never been a strong point. I’ll throw back a glass of water when I get home, move on with my day, then wonder why I feel sluggish later.

I’ve never really been able to get excited about Gatorade. This was a problem back in college (before I was justifiably terrified of the mere idea of hangover + toddler) when everyone used it as a post frat party salve, and it’s continued to be problematic into adulthood since I have taken up running.


So I was intrigued about the opportunity to try Body Armor‘s new sports drink. But, to be honest, I wasn’t optimistic that I’d actually like it very much. See, it’s not just Gatorade that I don’t get excited about — juice, iced tea, milk, lemonade (wine aside), most of the time my drink of choice is a cold glass of water.


So imagine my surprise when I found myself going into the fridge looking for one of these today. Or when I found myself popping one into my gym bag in lieu of my water bottle. So many sports drinks have a strange aftertaste to me, and drinking them always feels like a chore. But the Body Armor Super Drink was downright refreshing. It’s less sweet than others (though with some flavors sweeter than others, I imagine most taste buds would be satisfied). I even liked the strawberry banana, and I don’t think I’ve ever liked a banana drink in my life.

With the recent 90+ degree temperatures, I’ve been extra cognizant about the importance of staying hydrated, especially since I’m pregnant. And in addition to tasting great, the Body Armor drink boasts some impressive stats. It’s made with coconut water and all-natural ingredients, and it’s chock full of vitamins, including 100% of my daily value of folic acid, as well as vitamins B6 and B12. Yes, please!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to grab my Body Armor and go for a run.

Body Armor is my new favorite running accessory.

Body Armor is my new favorite running accessory.

One Response to No Longer Running on Empty

  1. ChatlinePal September 12, 2016 at 5:22 am #

    Never tried Body Armor before, but looks pretty good. It also reminds me of Under Arm. haha

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