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Valentine's Day - Boston Moms Blog

Valentine’s Day Art Projects

Valentine’s Day is approaching! You could go out and buy your cards, of course. But why not make your own this year? So much more heartfelt and fun!  Being a mom and art teacher means every season has an opportunity to create homemade masterpieces. Join me! Jim Dine hearts Jim Dine loves hearts — what a perfect inspiration this […]

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diy-upcycle your jars

DIY: Upcycling Your Jars

Whenever I watch a cooking or home improvement show on TV, I imagine myself being able to effortlessly mimic their results. Of course, I never follow through. So I recently promised myself I would attempt each project I like, one by one, no matter how long it takes. This project was one such thing on my […]

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Baby's First Birthday - Featured

How to Plan Baby’s First Birthday

 Confession: Planning my daughter’s first birthday party rivaled my wedding in both preparation and budget. Looking back, it didn’t have to be this way – but you know what they say about hindsight. In an effort to help you mamas plan memorable celebrations without tearing your hair out, here’s a not-so-simple, but exhaustive list of […]

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