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breast cancer awareness month - Boston Moms Blog

I Stopped Nursing My Baby to Start Saving My Own Life

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s good timing, because I have boobs on the brain. Namely, my own boobs. (Although I’m sure yours are quite nice.) Considering their utility alone, my boobs have served me well over the years, and they’ve served my three daughters, who nursed for a combined total of sixty-five […]

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closeup of woman breastfeeding

Baring the Boob :: Tips for Dressing While Nursing

Pregnancy presents many challenges, one of which is getting dressed each day. Dressing a growing baby bump isn’t easy. But the wardrobe challenges don’t end when your baby is born. When you’re nursing, getting dressed means your breasts must be accessible any time, day or night. If you’re uncomfortable with “overexposure,” as I am, you’ll likely have to invest […]

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when breastfeeding sucks, yeah, sometimes it does

When Breastfeeding Sucks. Yeah, Sometimes It Does.

Note: This week is National Breastfeeding Week. We celebrate, support, and honor all ways moms choose to feed and nourish their children. At almost nine months pregnant, I decided I would give breastfeeding a shot. Breast is best after all, right? And I mean, the pictures in magazines looked so cute and snuggly and squishy […]

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