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Breakfast of Family Champions hosted by Parenting Journey

Somerville-based nonprofit, Parenting Journey, will host its inaugural Breakfast of Family Champions benefit dinner honoring members of the community who work to empower families.

It will be an evening of fun and celebration, featuring lively activities such as a Family Feud style game show with special guests, and the always enjoyable, breakfast for dinner.

All proceeds support Parenting Journey’s mission to continue its work of empowering families by advocating for equitable family policies, dispelling societal misconceptions about parenting in poverty, providing therapeutic programs for parents/caregivers and developing support networks among parents/caregivers.

Parenting Journey will recognize local Family Champions, including:

• Linda Dorcena Forry, former state senator and Northeast region’s vice president for diversity inclusion and community relations, Suffolk Construction
• Kitt Sawitsky, managing partner, Goulston & Storrs
• Ann Marie Teuber, senior director of training emeritus and 20-year veteran of Parenting Journey

Robert Lewis, Jr., founder and president of The Base, will emcee the evening’s festivities

Individual tickets are $100 per person. Discounts may be available for groups; if you are interested in bringing your co-workers or family, please email Development Manager Karla Aguilar at [email protected]

Reserve your tickets here:

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first birthday - Boston Moms Blog

What They Didn’t Tell You to Expect :: Year 1

Next week we will celebrate our son's first birthday — and with it, the one-year anniversary of our journey into parenthood. Like many first-time parents, my husband and I dutifully read through books that covered diaper changes, breastfeeding, bathing, skin care, swaddling, and everything in between. Now, a year later, I can tell you that [...]
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The Organized Parent

Join Successful Parents in NAAAP (SPIN) and Marie Levey-Pabst for this workshop that helps parents overcome this HUGE challenge! How to get things done when there is too much to do!

There are plenty of organization and productivity tools out there. But most of them assume that we have control over our schedule and tasks – which is not the case for most parents. In this workshop participants will practice using a simple system to get organized at home and work. And it’s a system that is designed by Marie Levey-Pabst for busy parents.

Marie is an educator who teaches parents how to use systems and routines to balance family, work, and personal fulfillment. These systems also help parents build parenting resilience.

Other Details: free babysitting available, street parking is free on Sundays in Boston, closest T stop is State Street, Garage at Post Office Square $9 on Sundays (55 Pearl Street entrance or 130 Congress Street entrance)
Member (individual) $10
NonMember (individual) $15
Add a ticket for your spouse for just $5 more. (Applies to both members and nonmembers.)

Register here:
Don’t delay! Space is limited.
Questions? Contact: [email protected]

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What I Hope They Remember

In my dozen years of parenting, I have found one clichéd statement to ring true. The days are long, but the years are short. I looked at my oldest son the other day and realized exactly how true this statement is. The chub is long gone from his cheeks. His once-tiny hands are now nearly [...]
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Parenting as ‘The Gambler’

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, Know when to run. You never count your money When you’re sittin’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ When the dealing’s done. I heard this song on the radio the other day, and as […]

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family memories - Austin - Boston Moms Blog

Making Family Memories at a Music Festival

I went to my first music festival as a carefree 20-something. It involved camping, no showers for three days, and scenes from port-a-potties I’ll never forget (it was as bad as you’d imagine). We had a blast, but I never thought I’d agree to another festival — never mind at age 40, with children.  But […]

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