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Sometimes It Really Is That Good

As I settled down on the couch with my husband, our kids sleeping peacefully upstairs, all of us worn out from another amazing weekend of family time and house projects, the intrusive thoughts began to flood in. It happens to me when things get quiet. Although my body is bone-tired, my brain, exhausted from a […]

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Self-Care or Self-Comfort?

As someone who spends most of every day parenting solo (including dinner and bedtime five nights a week), I felt drained after the birth of our second son. Suddenly, I had no time to myself. Someone was always awake, always needing something, or always TALKING. And multiple, I’m sure well-meaning, people suggested that I need […]

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We Need to Get Back to Basics With Self-Care

My son sits in his stroller, ensconced in the Polar Bundleme (which I registered for in terror of taking my February baby outside). He’s also wearing his winter jacket, mittens, a hood, and a hat. In my bag there are emergency raisins, super-emergency blueberries, his sippy cup, a couple board books, a change of clothes, diapers, […]

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It’s All About Mom

This week I went around the office asking my co-workers to free associate to the word “mom.” Responses I received included, “hard working,” “tired,” “selfless,” “babies,” “throw up,” “dirty diapers,” “no time,” and “crushed Cheerios everywhere.” Not a single clinician at my psychology practice said phrases like, “is good at dancing,” “goes to book club on Tuesdays,” “has […]

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