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A Potty-Training Pep Talk

Are you readying your little one (and yourself) for potty training? Do you find yourself overly nervous, procrastinating, or unsure if there will be a failure to launch? I’m here to tell my fellow mamas that while there could be good, bad, and ugly parts to this major parenting and growing-up milestone, you are about […]

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First Rule of Potty Club- Don't Talk About Potty Club - Boston Moms Blog

First Rule of Potty Club: We Do Not Talk About Potty Club

1. The first rule of potty club: Do not talk about potty club.  The more I talked, the more stressed I was. We started potty training just before my daughter’s third birthday. It felt late — check Google and you’ll find 2-year-olds who trained themselves. I read articles and polled friends about timing and methods. We waited for […]

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