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Seuss Is in Springfield! Make the Trip!

seuss museum - Boston Moms Blog

Photo courtesy the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

Seuss is in Springfield!
You should hop, skip, or run!
Seuss is in Springfield!
Bring your kids, it is fun! 

Two hours from Boston
In a trip in your car,
Give or take a few minutes,
It’s really not far!

We made the trip
With our kids — total five.
I promise, for real,
It’s well worth the drive!

To get to Readingville you’ll pass by
A seven hump Wump,
But so many books you’ll find there!
You can’t be a grump!

Technology awaits you
On screens big and small,
Nothing’s off limits,
Put your hands on it all!

Familiar friends here to see you,
What do you think about that?
Meet Horton and two Things
And the Cat in the Hat!


You can write some dreams upstairs,
And send them on down.
Reading these wishes,
I dare you to frown!


Downstairs there are crafts,
You can cut, draw, and paste!
Seuss-filled activities!
There’s no time to waste!


There’s stuff you can’t touch on one floor of three,
But on this floor you will learn some great history!
Where did Seuss sit to write? And where did he live?
It’s really quite the sight, so much insight to give!

Seuss Museum - Boston Moms Blog

Outside there are sculptures,
Metal, shiny, and tall.
Inside there are demos,
Along a long wall

To show you how Cindy Lou
Came from the clay,
To be the fun sculpture
You pose with today!

Seuss Museum - Boston Moms Blog

There’s so much fun to see here,
At the Dr. Seuss Museum,
But don’t jump in the car, dear,
When you think you’ve finished seein’ him!

Your admission to Seuss isn’t it,
you’re not done!
It gets you in to FIVE museums!
Oh, what fun fun fun

There’s art here to see,
and a fine arts museum
There’s science to do,
there are dinos,
Go see ’em!

Don’t forget the history of Springfield
And the Indian motorcycle exhibition.
They are great fun to see,
you should make it your mission!

The museums are open
every day until 5,
You can get tickets online,
or in person after the drive!

Twenty five dollars for taller kids, such as me.
(You can call me “adult” — but I haven’t grown up much, you see!)
Thirteen dollars for youth, from 17 to 3,
And for you little wee ones — you babies are free!

Seuss Museum - Boston Moms Blog

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