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Some Summer Reads!

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Reading ranks as one of my top ways to unwind at night. When all the stars align, my kids are tucked in, I’m not so tired that I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow, and I have a compelling story waiting for me on my nightstand, many nights I would rather turn the pages than click the TV remote button.

Admittedly, these nights are few and far between, as more often than not my mind is fuzzy by day’s end. But over the past six months, I’ve tried to make reading a priority when time allows.

Here are a variety of books I’ve read recently, if you’re looking for new recommendations this summer (and I’m not going to say for the beach or pool, because come on now, I know most of us are focused on our littles when we’re by large bodies of water rather than getting lost in novels!).

“The Wonder” by Emma Donoghue

This book was a page turner for me, because it presents a riveting mystery of a young girl in 1800s Ireland who apparently can subsist on air alone — without any food. Two nurses are hired to watch her — one of whom was trained by Florence Nightingale — to see if this is all a hoax. Dark, disturbing secrets are discovered and exposed along the way. This is not by any means a feel good or light read, in my opinion, but the story is truly compelling, and the writing is magnificent.

“Always” by Sarah Jio

I received this book as a birthday gift, and I’ve enjoyed reading Jio’s novels over the past several years. This story is a lighter love story, set in Seattle, about a woman who lost touch with the love of her life but becomes reacquainted with him right before she’s set to marry someone else. If you’re looking for a quick read along the lines of love story/mystery, this one definitely fits the bill.

“Into the Water” by Paula Hawkins

Like millions of readers around the world, I was drawn into Hawkins’ thriller “The Girl on the Train” a few years ago, so I was really excited when her new psychological mystery “Into the Water” was published a few months ago — I ordered it right away! Set in a small town in England, this mystery explores the recent deaths of two women from the town, who both met their fates by falling into the dark waters of the town’s river. This was a page turner that kept me guessing, much like “The Girl on the Train” did, and it did not disappoint.

“The Identicals” by Elin Hilderbrand 

Last year I had the great opportunity to meet this author when I was on Nantucket for my sister’s bachelorette party; Hilderbrand made an appearance at the house we were renting, and she brought with her copies of her new novel at the time, “Here’s to Us.” As someone who loves Nantucket and Hilderbrand’s iconic summery novels, I was excited to kick off another summer reading her latest story, “The Identicals,” featuring the tale of twin sisters who live separate lives on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, respectively, and haven’t been in touch in nearly 14 years. If you’re at all familiar with Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, this novel creates both islands as main characters that set a picturesque backdrop for the turbulent lives of the fictional characters.

What books have you read lately that you’d recommend? I’d love to add some new titles to my reading list! Happy reading!

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