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Get It Delivered! 17 Spots for Delivery in Boston

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Many things beckoned us to Boston two years ago when we left NYC. Shorter commutes, lower cost of living, family nearby, a larger apartment with a dishwasher and even a yard. But, to be honest, I thought we would be giving up some things too — like having anything and everything delivered. Sure, Amazon Prime is great, and I knew there would be some food delivery options, but I was (thankfully!) very, very wrong. Turns out, you really can have almost anything delivered. Here are a few services you might have missed:


Amazon Now and Amazon Fresh

You’re probably familiar with Amazon Prime, but Amazon Now (free two-hour delivery) and Amazon Fresh are now both servicing areas of Boston. Of particular note is the local food section of Amazon Fresh. Boston Smoked Salmon Company, Savenor’s Meats, and Red Apple Farm apple cider donuts can be delivered to you within hours — without a trip to the farmers market.


If you prefer groceries from a specific store (say, Whole Foods), then Instacart is your best bet. Pro tip: You tip your shopper AFTER delivery or pick up, so if they do a great job picking out fresh tomatoes, not-bruised bananas, or extra-juicy apples, you can reward them. 

Google Express

Looking for bulk items? Google Express will deliver your Costco order so you can take advantage of the Kirkland brand diapers and wipes that it seems every mom loves. Oh, and order some salsa, organic berries, and other snacks for you. You’ve earned it!

Locally grown food

If local food is more your speed, Metro Pedal Power will deliver (via bike!) your CSA or your Farmers to You order. They also service The Wine Bottega (farm-to-glass program) and Cuisine en Locale (farm-to-table pre-made meals). Or order your groceries from Crescent Ridge. Known for their milk delivery, they also deliver a variety of pantry items. It’s up to you whether or not you tell your children how amazing their ice cream is. (And no judgment from me if you keep it as your own special post-bedtime secret.)

If you prefer a hybrid, Boston Organics will provide local produce supplemented with fruits and veggies from outside of New England as well. This is ideal if you want bananas to complement your weekly shares of beets and apples (hey — winter is long!).

And the delivery universe is much, much larger than groceries


To stock your liquor cabinet (or just fuel an impromptu get together with your neighbors), look no further than Drizly. All products are delivered in one hour or less.


There’s nothing quite like a flower delivery to brighten your day, and with Bouqs you can schedule regular deliveries (at a discount) from sustainable farms from around the world. I think this would be the most amazing birthday or anniversary gift. Feel free to drop heavy hints to your spouse about this one. 


Admittedly one of the oddest things you can have delivered, compost from Bootstrap Compost is a favorite among urban gardeners and environmental enthusiasts. You live in an urban area with a rat problem and don’t want to compost in your yard? Or maybe you just want to do right by Mother Earth by not sending food waste to the landfill? Bootstrap couldn’t be easier — simply fill up your bucket, leave it on your porch, and wait for the compost fairies to whisk away your waste.

Date night — at home

Tough day (or every babysitter is booked) and you really need a special night at home? Delivering dates is super convenient. For nice meals, try Uber Eats or Caviar. Hot new restaurants like Little Donkey will come to you. My husband and I are partial to delivery from Naco Taco. For dessert, try Scoop N Scootery or Insomnia Cookies because, really, what’s better than on-demand ice cream sundaes or warm-from-the-oven cookies. The future has arrived.

And for all other delivery needs, always try Postmates first. They deliver from tons of restaurants, but also Walgreen’s, Baby Gap, and even Dunkin’ Donuts. Live the dream, folks.

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