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Discover the Dinosaurs Visits Boston

My family and I recently traveled to Boston to experience Discover the Dinosaurs. J-man had been watching the commercials for weeks asking if we could go and I finally caved. He is 4 years old and just starting to become interested in dinosaurs and all that it entails. The four of us trekked into Boston in sub zero weather to the World Trade Center (I didn’t exactly mind going as that is where we were married!).


The tickets were not cheap, $30 for children over the age of 2 and $25 for adults. There were two main exhibits, Discover the Dinosaurs and Discover the Ice Age. We tackled Discover the Ice Age first. J was beyond excited to enter, M was feeling a little under the weather and was carried around for the majority of our trip. Each exhibit had 8-10 “scenes” with different animals and dinosaurs that lived during that time. Some move and make noises, there are lights and sounds that the kids are able to activate with buttons at each scene. There were a few area where they could dig for fossils and become paleontologists. J really enjoyed learning about the bones. The kids were able to ride a Woolly Mammoth or a Triceratops. There were bounce house at both exhibits as well, this was a major hit with our crew. Well, at least J liked it.

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Next we went on to the main exhibit, Discover the Dinosaurs. We were really impressed with the dinosaurs models. The T-Rex was definitely the highlight of our trip. The exhibit was not too scary and it seemed as though all the kids there were really enjoying themselves.


The majority of our time was spent in the bounce house area. The event staff made sure that they limited the number of children at each activity and the lines moved quickly. There was a typical snack bar with drinks, pretzels, etc. if you forgot to pack a snack. They did not forget to guide you through the gift shop area twice. We brought an umbrella stroller which I recommend as there was a decent amount of walking and we were able to haul our coats and bags on it.  We spent a little over 2 hours at the event. It was a perfect winter activity if your child is interested in dinosaurs and you are looking to get out of the house for a bit, just don’t forget to bring your wallet.

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