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What Is a CSA and What Am I Doing?! Mid-Summer Check In!


So, we’re halfway through summer — cue the tears — and it’s time for an update on my first summer CSA. (Here is my first post about what a CSA is.)

Let’s cut to the chase: I’m in love! The CSA has been wonderful so far. We haven’t missed a week yet. The kids and I generally do pick-up after naps, that way they are able to help me choose what we are going to eat for the week. My 4-year-old has taken an interest, and the 22-month-old enjoys a snack while we pack our basket. The kids enjoyed the “u-pick” strawberries in the fields, packing bags with snap peas, and, this week, shucking corn.

Has it been perfect? Of course not. There has been some food that has gone to waste, but, for the most part — and thanks to Google! — I’ve been able to use most of the fruits, veggies, and herbs we have picked up. It has definitely forced me to be more creative with dinner. Think bok choy in a crock pot, smoothies for the kids, and making homemade pesto to freeze for the winter. We’ve cut up veggies as a family to freeze for stews in the fall, and tonight we are going to enjoy the first corn of the season from the farm! It has been a very positive experience thus far.

Every week I have been a little bit braver, and there are more options as the farm season continues. I have also been able to pass along some food we haven’t been able to use to our extended family and share the benefits of our CSA. It has been fun to incorporate more veggies and fruits in our diets and introduce the kids to things they never would have tried before (my almost 2-year-old loves beets now — thank you, CSA!).

At the end of the season I’ll share my final thoughts on the CSA, and I’ll throw in some of our favorite recipes as well!

How has your summer eating adventure gone so far?

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