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Celebrate Women with Flowers

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Seeing my son walk into the house with a bouquet of flowers that he and his father picked out always brightens my day. I love the look and smell of flowers and how they brighten up any area. In fact, I’ve been known to grab some flowers on my own, just as a nice way to treat myself. Think of a special woman in your life — whether she’s a friend, a parent, a teacher, or a co-worker, chances are she deserves some flowers!

Did you know March 8 is International Women’s Day? International Women’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate the women in your life — and their accomplishments. Whether those accomplishments are social, economic, political, or cultural, sending flowersflowers pic 3 is a beautiful way to let the successful women in your life know you respect and appreciate them. Flowers are so much more than for just saying thanks or for Valentine’s Day!

A recent survey indicates that more than 40% of women have recently achieved a personal milestone (whether at home or at work), overcome a health issue, or learned a new life skill. Commemorating these beautiful moments lets the women in your life know you love and respect them. In fact, Rutgers University recently conducted a study showing that flowers help improve emotional health, have an immediate impact on someone’s happiness, and help strengthen connections with family and friends. So basically, flowers boost happiness! Why not make the amazing women in your life happy and send along a beautiful arrangement?

With so many local florists all over the Boston area, there are countless choices to help send a special message to the women in your life! With just a little bit of information, you and your florist can create the perfect arrangement to celebrate the amazing women you know!

flowers pic 2Talk to your florist

Florists know a lot more about flowers than what looks pretty together. They know just how flowers can truly make an impact on the receiver. And they may have some great ideas you haven’t thought of. Listen, have fun, and be creative!

Consider the achievement of the woman in your life

Does her milestone call for something extravagant or something a little more fun and simple? Does she like classic or trendy?

Tell the florist about her

Think of anything about her that the florist might want to know — favorite colors, smells she loves or hates, her affinity for sparkle or baby’s breath. The more the florist knows, the better the arrangement will look!

flowers pic 4Where will the arrangement go?

Is her home modern or more traditional? Is this going on a desk in a shared office space? This will help your florist know the best arrangement to put together!

Check out the Society of American Florists to find a florist, to learn about flowers and their meanings, and to get inspired!


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